We can tailor our menu to your requirments for example we make Baklava Ice cream rolls for Middle eastern weddings. We also provide Gilebi and Gulab Jamun Ice Cream rolls for Asian weddings. Contact us for more information

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Rolls

Apple Crumble Ice Cream Rolls

Fresh Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Rolls

Strawberry and Meringue Ice Cream Rolls

Mojito Ice Cream Rolls

Irish Cream

About Us

We are an innovative ice cream brand using fresh exciting ingredients creating tantalising flavours. Each rolled ice cream portion is bespoke and made in front of the customer on an ice pan. We provide rolled ice cream for Birthday Parties, Weddings, Corporate Events since launching we have collaborated with a variety of organisations including Amazon,Karen Millen, Roche ,Deloitte to name a few...

We are regularly at Old Truman's Brewery Market and Acklam Village market Portobello Road To keep up to date on what we are doing.Follow us on Social Media!

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Book iRoll Ice cream for your private event or feel free to send us a message.